BREAKING: National Archives Finds HUNDREDS Of Files In Probe Of Biden’s Email Aliases


The investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden’s use of alias email accounts has taken a significant turn, with the National Archives uncovering approximately 731 electronic files relevant to the matter. This revelation follows a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request initiated by the Heritage Foundation, aimed at obtaining records related to the creation and utilization of Biden’s pseudonym emails during his vice-presidential tenure. Specifically, aliases such as ‘Robin Ware,’ ‘JRB Ware,’ and ‘Robert L. Peters’ have come under scrutiny.

The FOIA request, filed in October and initially reported by the Daily Signal, has prompted questions about the transparency and conduct of Biden during his time as vice president. The National Archives, in response to the request, has acknowledged the existence of these files but emphasized the need for a thorough review process.

This development occurs amidst existing scrutiny of the Biden administration for various reasons. The identified documents could offer insights into Biden’s communication practices and whether they align with the legal and ethical standards expected of someone in his position.

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) has recently accused the Biden Administration of obstructing the House’s impeachment probe by withholding an overwhelming 99.98 percent of emails sent by Biden, including thousands written under aliases. These emails, held by the National Archives, are pertinent to the impeachment inquiry into President Biden and involve discussions of business and sharing of government information with Hunter Biden and associates Eric Schwerin and Devon Archer.

In response to these allegations, the Southeastern Legal Foundation has filed a lawsuit compelling the National Archives to release around 5,400 emails. Comer has urged the National Archives to disclose all communications in which then-Vice President Joe Biden used any of the three pseudonyms, asserting the need for un-redacted records to further investigate the alleged corruption within the Biden family.

It was revealed in August that Joe Biden extensively used pseudonym accounts to forward governmental information and discuss business with his family. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) acknowledged possessing up to 5,400 emails connected to Biden’s aliases in response to the Southeastern Legal Foundation’s lawsuit.

The discovery of these files by the National Archives underscores the potency of the FOIA process. As these files undergo review and processing, they hold the potential to unveil the inner workings of the Biden vice presidency and may lead to more significant findings within the family.