BREAKING: Joe Biden Wears Ukraine Tie and Pin While Selling $118B Senate Border Bill to American Taxpayers


President Joe Biden declared he was wearing a Ukraine tie and pin during an address on Tuesday trying to sell American taxpayers on an $118 billion “border security” bill that would spend $20 billion on border security and $60 billion on Ukraine aid.

“I’m wearing my Ukraine tie and Ukraine pin — which I’ve been wearing because they’re in dire straits right now defending themselves against the Russian onslaught,” he said, while addressing the public on the Senate border bill he is trying to convince Congress to pass.

The United States has already spent at least $113 billion on the war in Ukraine since Russia invaded the country in February 2022. However, the Biden administration said congressional authority to send Ukraine more has run out and is urging Congress to pass another $60 billion.

Biden argued during his address:

A clock is ticking. Every week, every month that passes without new aid Ukraine means fewer artillery shells, fewer defense air defense systems, fewer tools for Ukraine to defend itself against this Russian onslaught. Just what Putin wants. Ukrainians are fighting bravely.

He said supporting the bill is “standing up to Putin,” and opposing the bill is “playing into his hands.”

Biden argued that if Putin was not stopped, he would invade other countries, and that the “costs for America and our allies and partners will rise.”

He tried to shame “MAGA Republicans” who opposed funding for Ukraine, saying they would be “held accountable,” and that “history is watching.”

“The position of the MAGA Republicans can be characterized by the New York Times headline…’Trump first, Putin second, America third.’ That cannot pertain,” he said.

“It all goes to the question of American power. And all goes to, does America keep his word, does America move forward?” he said.