BREAKING: Freed Hostage Reveals STUNNING Details Message


A Thai hostage, recently released by Hamas, shared distressing details with Israel’s Channel 12, revealing that Jewish hostages, including himself, were subjected to beatings with electric cables, and all hostages were deprived of adequate food. According to a report by The Times of Israel:

The hostages, including Jews, faced severe food shortages, receiving minimal sustenance such as a daily pita, occasional shared tins of tuna among four individuals, and sporadic pieces of cheese. During their captivity of over seven weeks, they were allowed only one shower.

The freed Thai hostage emphasized that the Jewish hostages, in particular, endured harsh treatment, including beatings with electric cables, highlighting the discriminatory conditions faced by this group.

This recent account adds to a series of reports detailing the torture experienced by the hostages. Previous reports from Breitbart News exposed instances where Hamas subjected children to atrocities, compelling them at gunpoint to watch films depicting violence against Israeli civilians on October 7. The hostages, including children, endured prolonged isolation, insufficient food and water, and limited exposure to sunlight.

While some hostages claimed improved treatment after initial beatings, many, including children, displayed signs of psychological trauma. Although several were released from the hospital shortly after being transferred to Israel, weight loss and ongoing psychological effects were evident.

Notably, the Red Cross has not visited the hostages or provided essential items, such as medicines, during their nearly eight weeks of captivity.

Hamas, responsible for the hostage-taking on October 7, released approximately 70 hostages, primarily women and children, in exchange for Palestinian terror convicts, with additional foreign nationals, including 19 Thais, also released. However, many hostages, including foreign nationals, remain in Hamas custody.