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BREAKING: Donald Trump Drops BOMBSHELL At 9th NRA Speech

BREAKING: Donald Trump Drops BOMBSHELL At 9th NRA Speech

Former President Donald Trump addressed NRA members for the ninth time Saturday, and he stressed that it is time for “a great restoration of American freedom.”

Trump looked to the coming November presidential election and said, “Let there be no doubt, the survival of our Second Amendment is very much on the ballot. It’s under siege.”

He continued, “We need the Second Amendment for safety. Forget about going hunting and all the things you do — we need it for safety. Because you know the bad guys are not giving up their guns. The bad ones are not giving up their guns.”

Trump explained that the Second Amendment needs not simply to survive but to flourish. He said the amendment has to “be meaningful” or else innocents will be unable to defend their lives and the lives of those they love.

Trump said, “If [Biden] gets four more years they are coming for your guns, 100 percent certain.”

He then described Biden’s political career as one marred by the desire to take away firearms and praised Republicans for standing against gun confiscation, saying, “We’re the party of common sense.”

Trump spoke of how federal agencies are weaponized under the Biden administration and specifically noted how Federal Firearms License holders (FFLs) are seeing their licenses revoked for making an error in paperwork, even when the paperwork is not of crucial importance.

He suggested the bottom line is that Biden and his fellow Democrats “want to take away your rights,” adding, “I know that better than anybody — they want to take away my rights — better than anybody, worse than Al Capone. [He] got indicted twice; I got indicted four times.” NRA members erupted in applause and raucous laughter.

Breitbart News attended Trump’s speech during the May 2018 annual NRA meeting and he excited the audience to massive applause then too, when he said, “Americans will never surrender, ever, ever. We will never surrender. We will never give up our freedom. Americans were born free. We will live free and we will die free.”


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