BREAKING: Evidence DESTROYED – Muller Team Caught RedHanded

(dailycaller) - Data from more than 25 government-issued phones used by members of the special counsel’s team was wiped or deleted during...

BREAKING: New Evidence Released, Charges Dropped? – BLM Furious

(informationliberation) - George Floyd swallowed drugs during a prior arrest on May 6, 2019 according to a new court filing that has...

BREAKING: Hunter Biden Caught Doing the Unthinkable – Its OVER!

(breitbart) - Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden delivered a speech in Macomb County, Michigan, on Wednesday, slamming the practice of outsourcing. Unmentioned...

BREAKING: Trump Removal Bombshell – White House Eviction Plan Stuns Nation

(breitbart) - Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) tweeted an article from Politico in which Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said that America...

BREAKING: Segregation Announcement – They Are Really Doing It!

(breitbart) - Two women create an all-black community in central Georgia as a way to deal with “400 years of racial oppression.”

BREAKING: BLM Activist Caught After Attempted Murder At Memorial

(thegatewaypundit) - The man who attempted to kill conservative activist Shane Moon following a memorial for the Trump supporter who was...

BREAKING: Twitter REMOVES Him – It’s Over

(breitbart) - Twitter has locked the account of another member of the legal team of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year old who is...

BREAKING: Biden Campaign Coordination Exposed – This Is BAD!

( breitbart ) - Edward-Isaac Dovere, a reporter for The Atlantic, did not deny coordinating a question about Trump’s “soul” with Joe Biden’s...

BREAKING: ‘YOU’RE FIRED’ – Shock Notice – CNN Rocked

(breitbart) - President Donald Trump reacted Wednesday to the audio of a phone call with CNN’s Chris Cuomo and the president’s former...

Bill Barr Reveals Sinister Thread From China

0 ( breitbart) - On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Situation Room,” Attorney General William Barr said that...