(breitbart) – Washington, District of Columbia — “The People’s Convoy” rolls on the Beltway — Interstate 495 — for the second day in a row to advance their call to end President Joe Biden’s emergency declaration concerning the coronavirus.

The Beltway encompasses the nation’s capitol as well as parts of southern Maryland and northern Virginia — much of the federal government is housed inside the Beltway. They say they will not be going to Washington, DC, proper.

Convoy organizers are also demanding a full congressional investigation into the federal government’s response to the pandemic, looking to uncover any impropriety from government officials.

Organizers told Breitbart News that “local law enforcement from multiple agencies have been phenomenal in keeping The People’s Convoy participants and motoring public safe.”

Both Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) and Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) have been monitoring the situation. Yesterday, Youngkin said “I’m appreciative of our state, local and federal partners’ efforts to ensure first amendment rights are respected and to keep traffic moving safely.”

Organizers told Breitbart News, “Over the next few days, meetings will be held with senators and members of Congress to have thoughtful and constructive dialogue around our demands.”

“We are here to make the voices of the American people heard, express their deepest concerns, and affect meaningful change now,” they continued.